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My Top 5 Favorite Fall Accessories

My Top 5 Favorite Fall Accessories

The end of sweet summer days, for many of us, signals the beginning of something we love even more -- fall! There's always a sense of anticipation in the air for me when the weather and the light begin to change. Crisp evenings, the kids going back to school, yummy apples and pears, bonfires, the kids going back to school... what's not to love?

And let's not forget that cooler weather is the perfect excuse to buy ourselves a new accessory or two. Even if I CAN find last year's gloves, they are often so... last year. So yes, fall is about keeping warm with practical wardrobe choices. But a few key new pieces can keep you practical while also showing off that you know your way around the fashion block.

So without further ado, here are my Top 5 Favorite Fall Accessories:

Faux Suede Texting Gloves

1) Faux Suede Touchscreen gloves $20

For fall and heading outside into cooler weather, we need gloves to keep our digits warm. But we also need to keep texting. (And find directions on Google Maps, and answer that urgent phone call, etc.) This problem could be solved by wearing fingerless gloves, but guess what? Cold fingers. 

Enter the texting glove! How do these technical marvels work, you ask? Conductive material is woven in with the fibers of the glove on the tip of just the pointer finger (smart phone finger?), so your touchscreen can still sense a change in resistance. Which is how those wacky smart phone screens work! Anyhow, now that you know this, there is no way you're going to buy gloves that don't work with your phone, right? And how about these faux suede, brass studded beauties. Slide them on over your dry, winter hands and voila! Instant elegance, with texting.

Black Velvet Floppy Hat

2) Boho Chic Velvet Floppy Hat with Embroidery $58

Hats are de rigeur for adding extra warmth on a frosty day. They also present an opportunity to go outside your comfort zone a bit and make a bold, watch-out-world statement. Like a great pair of boots, a great hat can add a jaunty confidence to your step.

Behold, just look at this luscious lovely. Thick, black velvet sets off an eyeful of juicy, red embroidered flower applique. The hat also features a hidden string inside the brim to tighten the fit on those blustery days and keep you looking sharp. From San Diego Hat.

3) Long Sterling Silver V Shape Necklace $49Sterling V-Shaped Necklace

Wearing sweaters and more layers of clothes isn't always compatible with the jewelry you wore over the summer - the daintier pieces can be hidden by higher necklines or jackets. 

That's why every gal needs a longer, layering necklace that will show up over bulky sweaters or longer tunics. This sterling piece from Jane Johnson of Chico, CA is long and easy to put on with a sexy, modern V shape. And silver looks great with every outfit in your closet, with no colors to try to match.

Faux Fur and Knit Infinity Scarf

4) Faux Fur and Knit Infinity Scarf $32

If the runways are any indication, combining contrasting textures and materials is still a big trend for 2018. This cozy scarf combines faux fur and knit acrylic in a wearable package that's a little less outrageous than the runway while still getting you that trendy look. I also love how easy a winter infinity scarf is to wear - no complicated tying or arranging needed. Just pull it on over your head and it's ready to go, looking fabulous and tidy. Meanwhile, it's cozy and soft and everything you would want in a fall or winter scarf. 

  1. 5) Reversible Jacket $179Reversible Trimdin Jacket

What can be more practical than a jacket that is actually two jackets? And with indulgent fabric like this, it's nice to know you're being practical. Wear one side for daytime and switch to the other side for a shimmering evening look, or just pack it in your suitcase to stretch your outfit options for a holiday. One button closure and a length that just covers the hips create a shape that is flattering to many body types. 

Made in the USA, the jackets come in a mouth-watering selection of fabrics that can be viewed in our shops or online. Sizes range from XS-XXL and the jacket ships for free anywhere in the US.z