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Yes, But Will It Save Me Money?

Shopping Small

It's the holidays, and small business owners everywhere (ahem) are once again rolling out the pleas to "Shop Small". And the rationale makes sense. Shopping locally benefits the people in your community more directly--money spent in your hometown tends to stay in your hometown.

And that just feels good, right? 

Even American Express tries to get in on the feel-good vibes by branding itself with Small Business Saturday.

You know, Small Business Saturday? The day you usually sleep in because you spent the last 24 hours tearing through Target, desperately grabbing up socks for $1!!!

(By the way, those socks are falling apart by New Years.)

Anyhow, the point is, we are drawn to these big box stores like moths to a flame. I mean, we're going to save big bucks at these places, right?!!!

Maybe, Maybe not

The prices you get at small businesses can be just as good or better. No lie.

Take department stores first--their jewelry department. The standard mark-ups at Macy's, Kohl's, even Sears on sterling silver and gold jewelry are astronomical. If you're finding a good price, it's probably silver- or gold-plate.

That plating is about one molecule thick and will be atomized the first time you so much as sneeze on it.

And back to Target. Before you snatch up those cute $12.99 necklaces on your way to the $1 socks, say "Mystery Metal" three times fast and keep walking.

Now turn away if you don't want to hear some good old fashioned braggin'. At a cute small town shop like The Crown Jewel, we offer real sterling silver jewelry starting at $18.

Plus, we have already done the hard work of finding the cute, high-quality pieces you should be buying anyway. And for much of it, we could actually tell you the name of the person who made it! At Target? Not happenin'.

We know you want excellent prices. But you also want jewelry that will last, with care, for a lifetime. And at The Crown Jewel, you get both.